This past Saturday was Dogtoberfest at the Domain.  It’s exactly what it sounds like — it’s a huge doggie festival with vendors for dog food, volunteer opportunities, boarding houses, etc.  Most importantly, however, there was a costume contest sponsored by KXAN and judged by Jim Spencer, a meteorologist from KXAN.  And they had weiner dog races!  It was so much fun.  You would not BELIEVE how many peopledogs were there.  And some of the costumes were unbelievable.   Justin took a bunch of pictures on his camera, but they didn’t turn out.  Luckily, Andrea took some pictures with her iPhone and got a shot of the best costume in the whole place.

Check out this little lady:

And these guys (make sure to look at the cowboys’ faces):

But the best part was when Andrea saw a dog across the road who looked very similar to Milton, and when she got closer she realized the owner was the woman from whom she bought Milton, and the dog was actually Milton’s father!  She kept trying to get a picture of father and son together, but Milton was apparently going through his rebellious teenage years, because he kept growling at Dear Old Dad.  Eventually she snapped these pics.

Milton’s on the left:

And the family from the front (Milton’s on the left):

So crazy!  All the dogs made me wish I had dressed up Henry.  Next year this won’t be topical anymore, but I wish I’d thought of it:

(Disclaimer: This dog, who Andrew christened “Antoine Dogson”, came from the Intarwebs, not Dogtoberfest.)


2 Responses to “Dogtoberfest!”

  1. Jameson Says:

    Love the dogs with the riders. Kind of related — a cowboy and a Roman cavalryman? This sounds like it needs to be on “Deadliest Warrior!!!”

  2. Blair Shiff Says:

    I absolutely love these photos.

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